Monday, 29 July 2013

Bitesize blogging

I've got no big insights or pressing feelings that I wish to share with the world today, so instead here's a roundup of marginally interesting but unconnected things. Using headings!

Adrienne's Day

Today I went to Sainsbury's, and also to the jobcentre. Later, two men came to the house to deliver a flatpack wardrobe. During my interactions, none of the strangers I dealt with were rude or condescending even though some of them were men! A true victory.

The dog is depressed. The chickens appear to be as happy as ever. I am still learning linear algebra for fun. For "fun".

Is That Thing That Was Happening Still Happening?

That thing that was happening on Twitter is still happening. At least one man has been arrested for harassment. It is time for the world to learn that "Freedom of speech" does not mean "freedom to violently silence others." 

I am still supportive of the long term goals but suspicious of the short term ones. Just in case anybody needed an update on my super important opinions on the thing.

A Video Of A Jar

Allow me to introduce the future.

China Continues to Suck if You Want to Get Married

Women aren't cheap to maintain, folks. It's not like having sea monkeys. They need feeding and regular baths and worst of all they buy shoes. If you wish to own marry a woman in China, you will first need to prove yourself worthy by completing a series of trials designed to ascertain your manly manliness.

All of the above paragraph is meaningless nonsense. The moral of the story is that everything you read on marriage in China will be excruciatingly awful.

The Pope Has Said A Thing that is Strangely Inconsistent With What You Would Expect His Worldview To Be

I mean, this is a brilliant step forward for the Catholic Church, but isn't the Pope's answer to his own rhetorical question "I am the embodiment of God's Will on Earth"? Isn't that, like, kind of a big deal?

The Food I Ate Whilst Writing This

Scratch cooked Sag Aloo.

Yum yum yum yum yum

Sadly I ate it alongside half a Sainsbury's ready meal Rogan Josh which spoils the victory somewhat.

Tomorrow, I will be making burritos with slow cooked pork and handmade salsa and guacamole. I might even have some other people to give some to.

While My Camera is Plugged in

You might as well also look at this picture of spiders in my room.

The fat one that is in focus is in fact two spiders: one fat one and one much one sort of stuck to the bottom of the fat one with its legs sticking out. I am not sure if this is spider sex or spider post-sex or just spider fun. Aren't spiders fascinating? I put the fat one outside (after putting it in a glass and inspecting the potential spider sex, as any sane person would) but the other one is still up there, keeping me mosquito-free.

In about a month's time, my entire room will just be spiders. Then I will be less accommodating towards the little bastards.

The Telegraph Wrote About My Gap Year Company